Luc Lamontagne,  Eng., Ph.D.
Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering 
Adrien-Pouliot Hall, Room 3990
Université Laval

Québec (Québec), Canada, G1K 7P4 

Phone: (418) 656-2131, # 8105

Fax:     (418) 656-2324
Email: luc.lamontagne@ift.ulaval.ca

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I am a professor in the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering at Laval University.   My current research interests are mainly in the exploration of Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) techniques and their application to the construction of recommender and decision systems. I also conduct studies on the application of AI techniques to games.  I am a member of the CERMID laboratory.

Teaching & Academic:

·         GLO-22879 Software Architecture (Winter 09, Winter 08, Winter 07, Fall 05) 

·         IFT-17587  Advanced Concepts in Artificial Intelligence (Winter 09, Winter 08, Winter 07)

·         GLO-22249 Capstone project in Software Engineering (Winter 09, Fall 08, Fall 07)

·         IFT-21453 Analysis & Design of Information Systems (Summer 2006, Winter 05, Winter 04)

·         IFT-62238 Techniques & Applications of Natural Language Processing (Winter 04)

·         IFT-15752 Compilation & Interpretation (Winter 03)

Current projects

·         Élaboration d'un module d'intelligence artificielle pour la prise de décision MMOG, collaboration with Frima Studio.

·         Multi-criteria Mission route Planning for Search, Surveillance and Rescue in Hazardous Environments, MITACS project in collaboration with DRDC Valcartier.

·         Intelligent recommender systems for email response

Conferences, workshops et activities :

·         Co-organizer of the workshop on CBR and Games to be held at ICCBR’09 (with Pedro González Calero) 

·         FLAIRS’07 Special track on CBR  (with David  Aha)

·         Co-organizer of the workshop on  Textual CBR held at ECCBR 2006 (with Nirmalie Wiratunga) pdf

·         Program Co-chair of the Canadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AI06) (with Mario Marchand)

Research Interests:

·         Case-based Reasoning : Textual CBR, Adaptation, Case reinforcement, Statistical similarity, Case base authoring and structuring.

·         Application of AI techniques to games.

·         Recommender and Decision systems.

·         Software Engineering : Architecture, Reuse, Methodologies.

Some Publications: 

·         Chinaei, H., Chaib-Draa, B., Lamontagne, L. (2009), Learning User Intentions in Spoken Dialogue Systems, Proceedings of ICCART’09 (Best student paper award).

·         Lamontagne, L. (2008) Using statistical translation models for Textual CBR, UK Workshop in Case Based Reasoning (invited talk).

·         Romdhane, H.; Lamontagne, L. (2008), “Forgetting Reinforced Cases”, Proceedings of the European Conference on CBR, Springer-Verlag. pdf

·         Abi-Zeid, I, Schvartz, S., Tourigny, N., Lamontagne, L. (2008) “Modélisation du raisonnement pour les recherches d’un aéronef porté disparu”, submitted for publication.

·         Romdhane, H.; Lamontagne, L. (2008), “Reinforcement of Local Case Patterns for Playing Tetris”, Proceedings of the Twenty First International FLAIRS Conference, AAAI Press, pp. 263-269. pdf 

·         Abi-Zeid, I., Nilo, O., Lamontagne, L., (2008), “Resource allocation algorithms for planning search and rescue operations”, submitted for publication.

·         Lamontagne, L., Bentebibel, R., Miry, E., Despres, S. (2007), “Finding Lexical Relationships for the Reuse of Investigation Reports”, in Fourth Workshop on Textual Case-Based Reasoning: Beyond Retrieval, ICCBR07, Dublin, Ireland. pdf 

·         Lamontagne, L. ; (2006) "Textual CBR Authoring using Case Cohesion", in TCBR’06 - Reasoning with Text, Proceedings of the ECCBR’06 Workshops, Universität Trier, pp. 33-43. pdf

·         Lamontagne, L. ; Abi-Zeid, I.; (2006) "Combining Multiple Similarity Metrics Using A Multicriteria Approach", in Advances in Case-Based Reasoning, LNCS, vol. 4106, Springer Berlin/ Heidelberg, pp. 415-428. pdf

·         Lamontagne, L. ; Lapalme, G. ; (2004) "Textual Reuse for Email Response", Advances in Case-Based Reasoning, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 3155 , Springer-Verlag, pp.234-246. pdf

·         Lamontagne, L. ; (2004) "Une approche CBR textuel de réponse au courrier électronique", Thèse de doctorat, Département d’informatique et de recherche opérationnelle, Université de Montréal. pdf

·         Lamontagne, L. ; Langlais, P.  ; Lapalme, G. ; (2003) "Using Statistical Models for the Retrieval of Fully-Textual Cases", in Russell. I, Haller, S. (Editors), Proceedings of FLAIRS-2003, AAAI Press, Ste-Augustine, Florida, pp.124-128. pdf

·         Lamontagne, L. ; Lapalme, G. ; (2003) "Applying Case-Based Reasoning to Email Response", Proceedings of Fifth International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS-03), Angers, France, pp. 115-123. pdf

·         Lamontagne, L. ; Lapalme, G. ; (2002) "Raisonnement à base de cas textuels – état de l’art et perspectives", Revue d’Intelligence Artificielle, Hermes, Paris, vol. 16, no. 3, pp. 339-366.  pdf

·         Le, T.-H. ; Lamontagne, L.; (2002) "Building Organizational Memories using Multi-Dimensional Knowledge Networks", dans Dieng-Kuntz R. and Matta N. (Eds.), Knowledge Management and Organizational Memories, Kluwer Academic Publishers, USA, pp. 203-212.

Lab Members & Collaborators: 

·         Houcine Romdhane :  CBR & Reinforcement learning for games

·         Alexis Levasseur : Analysis of chat messages in MMOG environment

·         Miloud Betayeb : Probabilistic HMM for user modeling in games

·         Marouene Ben Jabeur: Resource allocation of SAR multiple units using GA & CSP

·         Ghina Besbes : Probabilistic HMM for user modeling in conversation systems

·         Michael Morin : Visibility-based path planning using search theory

·         Thanh Tung Nguyen : construction of visibility graphs from terrain maps.

·         Felix-Antoine Bourbonnais-Bigras : Aspect-oriented software development methodologies

·         Irène Abi-Zeid : Professor at the Department of Operations & Decision Systems

·         Patric Maupin : Defence Scientist at DRDC Valcartier

·         Oscar Nilo : Research professionnal

Alumni : 

·         Erwan Miry : Statistical cooccurrence for textual similarity - graduated in July 2007

·         Laurent Danet : Information extraction of named entities in textual cases – graduated in May 2006

Some Links :

·         FLAIRS conferences

·         ICCBR & ECCBR conferences

Last update:  13 January 2009