The Bellairs Workshop* on

Domain Theoretic Methods

in Probabilistic Processes

April 21st to April 25th 2003

Recently domain theoretic methods have been successfully used to establish important properties of probabilistic processes. Specifically, it was shown that a logical characterization of simulation could be given by analyzing the structure of a recursively defined domain of probabilistic processes. Furthermore a theory of approximation of such processes could be given in terms of domains.

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together workers in the area of verification of probabilistic processes with experts in domain theory.  In view of the limited space available, we cannot bring together all the people whose work has been important for the results mentioned. We hope that this workshop will enhance knowledge of each other's fields and ultimately lead to new results in this area.

The participants include V. Danos, M. Escardo, A. Jung, K. Keimel, M. Mislove, D. Moshier, G. D. Plotkin, B. Redmond, F. van Breugel, B. Worrell, and the organizing comittee members, J. Desharnais, F. Laviolette and Prakash Panangaden.

The workshop runs from April 21st to April April 25th and will take place at the Bellairs Research Institute in Barbados.

Directions and things to know:

The airport is on the east-south point of the island and Bellairs is on the west side (about a 30 minute taxi drive). Tell the taxi drivers to take you to Bellairs Research Centre in Holetown

Holetown is small and Bellairs is on the main (only) street - you can't really miss it. Check this if you are not convinced. The taxi ride should cost about $25 U.S. There are buses but one must first travel to Bridgetown (the capitol) and transfer to another line. Barbados is safe and one shouldn't worry about travelling alone.

Basically, just try to bring suntan lotion, mosquito repellent, swim/leisure stuff, papers/books/stationary and light clothing (it will be hot). Note that some of the better restaurants in the area do require long pants in the evenings (swim attire is not accepted).  

Also, there is three computers (and one printer) at Bellairs for people to read e-mail. This machine is not super fast nor is the printer so it's better to bring papers with you. There is a small fee of US$10.00 for using the computers or using the line with a laptop to connect to the internet.

The cost of a room for the entire week is between 140 and 208 per person. Breakfast is "make it yourself" (food/coffee provided), lunch we buy at a restaurant on the beach ($10-20 U.S. approx daily), the Cook prepares dinner (6:30pm sharp ) $15 U.S. Please bring coffee beans if you do not want to drink instant coffee.

(These directions have been stolen to Mike Hallett.)

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