Thirteenth International Conference on Algebraic Methodology And Software Technology (AMAST2010)

The major goal of the AMAST Conferences is to promote research that may lead to the setting of software technology on a firm, mathematical basis. This goal is achieved by a large international cooperation with contributions from both academia and industry. The virtues of a software technology developed on a mathematical basis include the provision of software that is

  1. correct, and the correctness can be proved mathematically,
  2. safe, so that it can be used in the implementation of critical systems,
  3. portable, i.e., independent of computing platforms and language generations,
  4. evolutionary, i.e., it can be self-adaptable and evolves with the problem domain,
  5. secure, so that its network and user interactions can be predicted and controlled.

All previous editions of the AMAST Conference, which were held at Iowa City (1989,1991), Twente (1993), Montreal (1995), Munich (1996), Sydney (1997), Manaus (1999), Iowa City (2000), Reunion Island (2002), Stirling (2004), Saaremaa (2006) and Urbana-Champaign (2008), made contributions to the AMAST goals by reporting and disseminating academic and industrial achievements within the AMAST area of interest. During these meetings, AMAST attracted an international following among researchers and practitioners interested in software technology, programming methodology and their algebraic and logical foundations. See AMAST history and the AMAST website for more details.

This year, the AMAST conference will be held in Lac-Beauport, 15 minutes from downtown Québec City, Canada.