5th RelMiCS, Québec, January 2000

The 5th RelMiCS (Seminar on Relational Methods in Computer Science) was held in Valcartier, close to Quebec City, Canada, from Monday January 10 to Friday January 14, 2000. The purpose of this series of seminars is to bring together researchers from various subdisciplines of Computer Science and Mathematics, all of whom use the calculus of relations as a conceptual and methodological tool in their work.

The organising committee was composed of Jules Desharnais, Marc Frappier and Wendy MacCaull.

Program of the meeting

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Additional information about the goals of RelMiCS can be found on the RelMiCS home page.

Post-seminar publications

After the conference, the participants who wished to do so reworked their paper and submitted it to a standard refereeing process. This resulted in the following two publications.