(Here examples of a proposal and an extended abstract of last year )


Here what we said yesterday about the Proposal.
A proposal in general addresses the following

(i)              What is the problem that I should address in my master

(ii)             Why this problem is important?

(iii)            What has been done concerning this problem in the past?

(iv)           How can I contribute to its solution? What objectives should I achieve for this?

(v)             Which methods/approaches should I take for each of these objective

(vi)           Which experiments should I do? (Data, Metrics, comparisons, Discussions, Graphs, etc.)


This proposal is accompanied by your extended bibliography. Notice that a “Bibliography is any list of references at the end of the text, whether cited or not. It includes texts you made use of, not only text you referred to in your paper, but your own additional background reading, and any other articles you think the reader might need as background readings. References usually come at the end of text and should contains only those works cited within the text” [Taken from the web].


Concerning which works should you comment in the extended abstract. I suggest you to rank all your biblio in 4 clusters

(1) Those that you should read in detail and which are important for your proposal;

(2) Those that you should just read and which might be important for your proposal;

(3) Those for which  you should have a big picture and which are connected to you proposal;

(4) Those which are related to your proposal but you do not have time to read.


Then comments in your extended bibliography can be (it is suggestion) 4/5 lines for (1); 2 or 3 lines for (2); 1 line for (3) and 0 line for (4).

An example of comment might be


Finally from your extended bibliography you should select 2/3 articles for the synthesis.


Deadline for the proposal with its extended bibliography and the articles for the synthesis is Marsh 14th, 2014.  


Then from the 2/3 articles chosen for the synthesis, you should select 1 article for the presentation. Please send me this article for Marsh 21, 2014





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