June 06, 2006, Québec City, Québec, Canada










Accepted papers

1- A Social Network Paradigm for Driver Knowledge Propagation: A Multi-Agent Application in Child Vehicle Safety and Injury Prevention

Ziad Kobti, Anne W. Snowdan, Shamual Rahaman, Tina Dunlop, Robert D. Kent

2- Agent-Based Geo-simulation to support complex realworld Pathfinding

Nabil Sahli, Bernard Moulin

3- Governing Agent Interaction in Open Multi-Agent Systems with Fault Tolerant Strategies

Ma?ra Athan?zio de C. Gatti, Rodrigo Paes, Gustavo Carvalho, Luis Rodrigues, Carlos J. P. de Lucena, Nora Faci, Jean-Pierre Briot, and Zahia Guessoum

4- Towards an E±cient Agent Communication using an Argumentation Relevance Theory

Mohamed Mbarki, Bernard Moulin, Jamal Bentahar

5- An Form Coalition Algorithm in Multi-Agent System

WANG Da-zhen, WAN Fang

6 - Generating Consensus Ontologies among Socially Interacting Agents

Ergun M. Biçici

7- Spatial conflict resolution by means of multiagent systems

Nafaâ Jabeur, Boubaker Boulekrouche, Tarek Sboui

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